Other Cool Projects

While our main focus is boats, we are not limited to them.  We are quite proficient at repairing, restoring,  molding, or customizing just about anything.  From pools and spas to motorcycle fairings, we can do it all.  Plenty of experience repairing plastics as well.  Commercial or industrial, SMC, ABS, Nano Plastic, and foam.  If you have something needing repair or replication but cant find someone to do it, please contact us.

WANTED: Vintage Aluminum Boat

Looking to buy a cool vintage aluminum boat /runabout in need of restoration. Feathercraft, Cadillac etc. Prefer 10-15 feet max. Dual cockpit a plus. Race boats always interesting. Looking for a PROJECT, not a finished boat. Use contact page to let me know what you have. THANKS!

1962 Dura Craft

DuraCraft classic aluminum boat with fins! Completed total restoration

Aluminum Fins! Aluminum Fins!
Before Before
Before Before
Before Before
Templating Paint Scheme Templating Paint Scheme
Paint Stripping Started Paint Stripping Started

All Paint Removed All Paint Removed
New Transom New Transom
Interior Paint Done Interior Paint Done
Exterior Paint Started Exterior Paint Started
Priming in Process Priming in Process
More Masking and Priming More Masking and Priming

Painting Painting
More Painting More Painting
Looks Good So Far Looks Good So Far
More Masking and Painting More Masking and Painting
Assembly Underway Assembly Underway
Dash View Dash View

Finished Product! Finished Product!
A View From Above A View From Above
The Lights Are On... The Lights Are On...
Built Some Wooden Decks Too Built Some Wooden Decks Too
Clean Helm Area Clean Helm Area

1957 35hp Johnson Outboard

Complete repaint as well as mechanical work. Runs as good as it looks.

Before Before
Before Before
Stripped to bare aluminum Stripped to bare aluminum
Both in primer Both in primer
Done Done
Done Done

Bayliner Motor Box

Somebody stole the motor covering box. Part was no longer available from Bayliner. Had to build one from scratch.

Where we started Where we started
Built structure with plywood Built structure with plywood
Glassed, Gel Coated, Carpeted Glassed, Gel Coated, Carpeted
Serves 2 purposes Serves 2 purposes
Better than the original. Better than the original.

Aluminum Boat Repair

Another repair facility started this repair, realized they were in over their head, and it came to me.

Before Before
Before Before
Welded and Straightened  Inside View Welded and Straightened Inside View
After After
After After
Good as New Good as New

Crotch Rocket Fairings

Bought as a total because bike went down hard. fairings were red and badly damaged. Fixed and painted.

Fresh Paint Fresh Paint
After After
Road Ready Road Ready

Fiberglass Mold and Part

Part for a paddleboat blew away. Could not buy a new one so we molded one from another boat and made the part.

Mold is Blue.  New Part on Right Mold is Blue. New Part on Right
Basically 10 inches by 36 inches Basically 10 inches by 36 inches

Industrial Plastic Repair

These parts fit on a Heidelberg Speedmaster Printing Press. Made of ABS Plastic. Total job consisted of about 40 parts

Before Before
During During
During During
In Primer In Primer
Building Missing Corners Building Missing Corners
New Corners New Corners

Ready for Primer Ready for Primer
Replacing Mounting Nuts Replacing Mounting Nuts
New Mounting Nuts in New Mounting Nuts in
Replacing raised mounting tabs Replacing raised mounting tabs

Custom Paint

Yamaha Rhino. Added some custom flames.

Getting Started Getting Started
Ready to Spray Ready to Spray
Spraying Spraying
After After
After After
Must go 10mph faster now! Must go 10mph faster now!


We do shrinkwrapping as well. $7.00 a foot. 7 mil plastic, Venting, and 2X4 supports.

Runabouts and Fishing Boats Runabouts and Fishing Boats
Pontoons Too! Pontoons Too!